YouTube Video Ideas To Kickstart Your YouTube Career

YouTube Video Ideas To Kickstart Your YouTube Career
July 27, 2016 auralapse

Congrats! You’ve quit your dead-end job to finally start building your career in YouTube. However, you’re probably here because you didn’t have a plan on how to start you channel and have no YouTube video ideas in mind. But don’t worry! You didn’t quit your job for nothing. Here are some YouTube video ideas that you can use to finally put out content.


1) Rant


This is perfect if you’re salty. If you know how to rant in an entertaining way, do it. Take a look at Joe Santagano for example


2) Desk Setups


They’re fun to watch. They also give inspiration to those wanting to do a desk makeover. This is a good video idea for YouTube idea if you have an awesome setup. If not, please don’t.



3) Room Tour


This is similar to the desk setup video idea. If you’ve got a cool looking room you’d love to show off then make a video about it.


4) Office Tour


Same idea as the room tour but at your office. That’s it.


5) Diet Videos


Are you following a strict diet? Are you seeing results? Give viewers some tips on how they too can improve their health by following your diet.


6) Foodie Videos


The complete opposite of diet videos. If you love eating out and trying out new food, even if it’s super unhealthy, do it. If you constantly eat food that is Instagram worthy, do it. Get people jealous of what you’re eating. Make them starve by just watching your videos. #foodporn


7) Tutorial Videos


If you’re good at doing something, make tutorials. These are one of the best YouTube video ideas as people are always looking for answers to questions and wanting to learn how to do stuff. Be their teacher. Be the KhanAcademy of your craft.


8) DIY


Same thing as tutorial videos but actually building things. From scratch or whatever. Example: making a guitar from old IKEA parts. Or IKEA hacks. Or modding your IKEA furniture. (IKEA please sponsor us)


9) Tag Videos


Boyfriend tag, girlfriend tag, best friend tag, accent tag, nationality tag, etc… The list goes on. There’s tons of tag video ideas out there and they’re entertaining. If you’re comfortable being in front of cameras then go for it. If you don’t have any video ideas for YouTube, tags are the best way to create content without having to be creative.


10) Daily Vlogs



Speaking of being comfortable in front of cameras, daily vlogs are also good video ideas. Tons of people are doing it and it currently is getting popular. Think of the benefits. Years later, you can watch old videos of yourself and see how far you’ve come in life. That’s some inspirational stuff right there. Not only that, you can make money! We have a post on how to start a vlog on our site. The link is underlined. (the link is: how to start a vlog.. for those who don’t know what I’m talking about)


11) What I got for ______


Show off how privileged you are by showing off what you got for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc… It’s like an unboxing video but for presents.


12) What I got for free/cheap/discount


Show off your budgeting skill with cool stuff you bought/got for little to no money. College and university students would love to watch your videos. There. You have a target market audience. You’re welcome.


13) Collections


Do you collect stuff? Coins? Watches? Colognes? Perfumes? Cars? Pokemon?(Gotta catch them all). Make a video about it. People looking for a new hobby or looking to collect new stuff would get ideas from your YouTube video.


14) Life Advice




Help out another human being by making a life advice YouTube video. They may be going through some rough times and your life experiences could be the answer to their problem. Isn’t it cool to be able to completely change someones life for the better even if you have never met them? Here’s my advice: if you’re an ambitious person with big dreams, a 9-5 is a horrible idea. (Well if it’s relevant to what your dreams are then go for it, but only use it as a learning experience)


15) Bucket List


Show off your bucket list. Who knows.. maybe there’s someone you’ll meet online that will help you fulfill that bucket list item. Show off the cool stuff you want to do in your lifetime.


16) Goals


It’s like a bucketlist but more life oriented. Stuff like finish this book in 2 days, lose 10lbs in 2 months, go on more hikes during the summer (and you can vlog about it!), etc..


17) Routine Videos


This could be stuff you do right when you wake up. Or just general whatever routines you have going on.


18) Meme


Become a meme. A dank one.


19) Fake Social Experiments



This is a perfect YouTube video idea if you want to join in on the bandwagon and ruin YouTube. (Please don’t actually make this. It’ll get you views but…. you’re a douche if you go for it)


20) News


Report the news! Can be news about anything. Video game news, celebrity news, YouTube news (#dramaalert), industry news, business news, etc… Just be interested in what you’ll be reporting about. Find a niche and you’ll be good to go.


21) Editing


This can be related to the tutorials. Are you good at editing videos or pictures or music? Make a tutorial on how to edit things and show off how efficient your workflow is.


22) Timelapse


Timelapsese are cool.


23) Covers


If you’re musically inclined, make covers of popular songs or songs you like. If you’re actually good and have good quality video, you’ll get recognized and BLOW UP ALL OVER THE YOUTUBE MUSIC COMMUNITY.


24) Make Music



If you produce music, livestream your studio sessions. Kinda what deadmau5 does. It’s nice to see the progress on a song. Plus if you have a live chat thing going on, people can give you pointers. Researching what your favorite musicians do on YouTube can help spark great music related YouTube video ideas.


25) Challenges


There’s always #challenge going on. Find the latest one and jump the bandwagon. For all the views!


26) Reviews


Recently bought a product? Do you love it or hate it? Let people know by making review videos! Recommend a product or help people avoid buying a horrible product. Be the hero; da real mvp.


27) Cars



There are so many different car cultures. Find where you fit and make videos. For example, there’s tons of supercars in London and people make “supercar sighting” videos. There’s also the illegal street racing videos or car meet videos or JDM or muscle, etc…. In YouTube however it seems that the #stancenation hellaflush style rides are popular. if you are into cars, these are great YouTube video ideas that you can use. (I love cars)


28) Social Issues


Make videos on sensitive social issues. These are popular nowadays. The main reason why they’re popular is because they spark emotion BIG TIME. If you’re really passionate about and issue and want to make a change, this is for you. Tip: play with people’s emotions to win their opinion.


29) ASMR



Help people relax by tapping on some random stuff. A lot of people thing it’s weird but other people love it. To be honest, you should give it a try. It’s a hit or miss but if it resonates well with you, it’s going to be one of the best things you’ve come across. Extremely relaxing.


30) Fitness



If you lift or do any type of exercise at all, make videos of your routines especially if it’s working well for you. People are always looking of different ways to get fit and your routine could be something that will help them progress in their fitness journey


These are only some YouTube video ideas out of TONS more out there. Remember, other people most likely have similar YouTube video ideas that you plan to do but if you add your own unique twist and personality into your videos, you’ll stand out.


Keep this in mind. Only make YouTube videos on things that you are passionate about. If you are just making certain YouTube videos because it is the trending type of video, you’ll end up hating your YouTube career. Sticking to something you love is what will keep you going and make quitting your 9-5 all worth it.

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