What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Should I Care?

What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Should I Care?
July 27, 2016 auralapse

Everyone is on social media. When it comes to buying things, people have stopped looking at companies and have instead turned to look into what other are buying and make decisions from that. People look up to online personalities to get a grip on what they have to buy next or to even compare products they have in mind. With the rise of influencer marketing, companies have spent more money and effort into it and those that have tapped into influencer marketing have reaped its rewards.





Influencer marketing is a stream on marketing that relies on leaders to deliver a brand’s message to a wide range of audiences. So as a company, instead of investing advertising efforts to directly talk to consumers, you instead find influencers to advertise for you.


Influencer marketing works together with social-media marketing and content marketing. The most effective way influencer marketing works is through social media where influencers directly share your company’s message in their personal pages where tons of followers pay attention to. Keep in mind, influencer marketing is not the same as social media marketing.





While they are similar, it is not. Influencer marketing however does contain word-of-mouth but it does not apply the other way around. With influencer marketing, you don’t directly spread the word to your consumers. You use key influencers to do it for you. With word-of-mouth, you spread the word to your consumers directly and rely on them to spread the word. Basically, influencer marketing uses a middle man and word-of-mouth does not.





what is influencer marketing


This are the basic steps. We’ll have a more detailed explanation below


  • Find influencers
  • Create a marketing campaign to attract influencers
  • Create another marketing campaign for influencers to drive your message to audiences
  • Keep track of metrics and adjust accordingly


Influencer Marketing hasn’t been around for a long time. Although it is still fresh, it is going to be one of the biggest things to happen in the world of advertising. Here’s why you should consider implementing influencer marketing in your marketing campaigns ASAP.





Followers on social media are heavily influenced by the people they follow. They aren’t as easily influenced by companies. That being said, once you find an influencer, their followers will take a look at your company and if your products or services are good, they will spread it via word-of-mouth.


To visualize this, let’s say there are 100 people. If you directly advertise to the 100 people, 10 people will look at your company and spread it via word-of-mouth. If an influencer advertises your company to these 100 people, 60 people will look at your company and spread it via word-of-mouth. The amount of potential customers you’ll gain is exponential





This world has moved into the social media world. This is where people connect and interact with each other. In this social media world, people hate it when they see companies talk AT them. They expect companies to talk WITH them. Many people are fed up with companies trying to get sales out of them with ads, so what better way to sell to them than get people they look up to to sell your product/services to them.





influencer marketing - instagram


You’ll find tons of influencers using social media. More specifically, Instagram. People love visuals. You’d probably even rather read this article if it were mainly visuals. That being said, customers are always interested in what their influencers are wearing, using or doing. The online clothing business has been thriving because of this. Instagram is an insanely powerful tool to get influencers to show off your products. Use this to your advantage.





Here’s the Google Trends graph. It speaks for itself.
influencer marketing - google trends





Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, spending money on influencer marketing will be a lot cheaper. Since it is fairly new, its actual worth hasn’t been settled yet, but it is damn sure that it is worth more than it is right now.


There is currently a huge supply of influencers but everyone hasn’t started running influencer marketing campaigns. Take advantage of this while it is still cheap




influencer marketing - facebook


The biggest reason why influencer marketing is still fairly cheap is because of a surplus of supply. Right now, the demand is increasing and with this, so will the cost. Take Faacebook’s ad network for example. When it first started, people were getting insane ROIs from cheap prices because there was no competition. Nowadays, the prices have gone up by over 300%.  The same thing will happen to influencer marketing so make sure you don’t miss out.





Everyone is exposed to a lot of ads. When you scroll through your Instagram feed, sponsored ads show up. When you scroll through your Twitter feed, sponsored ads show up. Same story goes with FaceBook, YouTube and other top visited websites. People install ad-blockers to get rid of these. They’re even willing to pay a premium just to avoid ads. Look at Spotify for example





Think SEO is all about keyword density and building links? There’s a lot of different factors that Google takes account of and decides how to rank your site. Take a look at this. 25% of people’s serach results include brands. Google sees how popular and relevant your brand is, and if you can get more people to talk about it, the more popular and relevant your brand will be in the Google SERPs.





Traditional marketing campaigns need to take a look at loads of data and a ton of time of research to reach a targeted audience. With influencer marketing, you already have a targeted audience. Let’s say you are a fashion company. You can make a deal with a popular fasion Instagramer to advertise your clothing. The people following this influencer already have an interest in clothing and have intent to buy.


The *only* research you’ll have to do is find who to work with, and it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to find a number of candidates.


Now that you want to work with influencer marketing, how do you actually get started with it?
As promised, here are the steps


Plan Your Strategy:


This is mainly finding ways to approach an influencer and once you find a suitable influencer, giving them a strategy to promote your product or service. This includes how they’re going to go about it and also the timing of delivery. After that, look at the results and make changes necesasry.


Finding the Right Influencer:


Google – you can look at the growing popularity of certain people; celebrities, atheletes, online personalities, etc… Go through their web pages and find contact info and contact them directly.

Databases – There are sites out there that scrape sites for you. They pull any public data available and from here you can look through the data and select who to work with. Again, you’d have to be contacting influencers directly.

Networks – This acts as a middleman to get you in contact with influencers. Influencer are also looking for brands to promote for and this is one way how a brand-influencer relationship is formed.

Content Creators –
These can range from artists, musicians, and bloggers to vloggers. These people know how to create content for a specific audience group and know what works and doesn’t work.




Give something your influencers can talk about. Give them something that makes them not want to stop talking about your company. Giving your influencers good experiences will provide them with creative inspiration. This will all lead to a positive atmosphere that all leads back to your brand.




Collect data. See what works and what doesn’t and from there, you can re-adjust your marketing strategy to make it more effective. From here, you are guaranteed to keep making impacts.

Now that you know what is influencer marketing and the significant benefits you can get from it, it’s time to start taking action and implementing it into your marketing campaigns.

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