How To Promote Your Music Online

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The internet is the best and fastest way to promote your music. Taking advantage of the online audience is crucial to getting your music heard and discovered. Here are some ways on how to promote your music online.

Before you begin promoting your music online, you have to make sure you aren’t annoying potential fans. Here’s how to get people to not hate you:

Be Interactive:

Don’t just post stuff. Engage your fans. Ask questions, thoughts, give tips to people who comment on your stuff. If the only thing you post is just links to your music, your fans will get tired and eventually not care about what you post anymore. One really good method is to have your fans be part of your creative process; maybe consider a mass collaboration (Like Avicii’s x You).
Fans want to connect with you but how can they connect with you if you aren’t interactive?


Be Genuine:

The wrong way on how to promote your music online is to keep blasting links to your music. Doing it wrong also means speaking with an apathetic tone like “here’s my new track, i hope you enjoy” or being too excited and demanding (which is what most of us hate), “WE JUST RELEASED A NEW TRACK!!! CHECK IT OUT NOW AND SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!!”

Instead, be genuine. There’s that sweet spot in the middle. You wrote it and you are now excited to release it to the world. “I’m so thrilled to share this new song we wrote, .” Even make it personal (without adding your life story). “This song means a lot because . Check it out and let me know what you think”

Just speak from the heart and it’ll flow.


People love getting free stuff. A lot of artists do the “Like our Facebook page for a free download.” Another alternative to that is to give our free downloads to a limited amount of people. For example for the first 30 people who share it. It helps give people urgency to share it in hopes to get the free download.
You get the idea. Just make sure you’re getting some exposure from whatever you’re doing or you’ll just be ending up giving away your stuff away


Don’t post every hour. It gets very annoying. Don’t promote your music every single day. Do it at most 5 times a week.
Except twitter. Spam the crap out of that.



Make sure your music is actually high quality. If your music isn’t high quality ythen you shouldn’t be worrying about how to promote your music online just yet. If you promote horrible quality, people will know you as being a horrible musician and in the long run, your name will never get out there. Make good stuff first THEN promote.

Keep in mind, if your music is good, your promotional efforts will be a nudge to the the snowball started.

So now that you know how to not get people to hate you, here’s how to promote your music online:

Be Brandable:

First off, you should have a name that’s easy and catchy enough to remember. Be recognized for something. Take deadmau5 for example. Before he even got to his level of fame, he still wore his mau5heads to events and that’s what people remembered him by.

Social Media:

Your social media should keep your fans interested. Don’t only post your music. Post other things that you’re doing with your life. People want to get to know you too. Take these YouTube vlog stars for example. Many YouTubers have vlog channels with even more subscribers than their main content channel.

Your ratio should roughly be 20% promotion and 80% other interesting things going on in your life. Let your fans get a little taste of your life outside of music.

We’ll also cover specific social media platforms. We’ll update the list below once its article has been published:

Create Your Own Website:

This is overlooked a lot when learning how to promote your music online. Having your own website makes you look more professional. They’re cheap to make and host and nowadays, there are tons of tools and sites that make it extremely easy. If you do have your own website, remember to keep updating it too.


Find Music Blogs:

There are tons of music blogs and YouTube networks out there. Many of them are also genre specific. Find which fits your genre and submit to them. These types of places exsist for the purpose of posting brand new tracks from unknown artists. You’ll gain a whole new audience when these blogs pick up your music and share them with others. Submit your music as much as you can.

*shameless plug: you can also submit your music HERE


Find other artists to collaborate with and share each others fans

So there you have it. A small list that scratches the surface on how to promote your music online. We’ll keep updating this page so stay tuned!

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