Using Instagram To Promote Music

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Wait what? You can promote your music with Instagram? Yes you can.
For those of you who don’t know what instagram is, it is a picture based social network. It is an app for your iPhone or Android and allows you to add effects to pictures you have taken to make it look nicer. It acts like twitter. Instead of sending out tweets, you upload your pictures and have people like them and follow you.

So why should you learn how to promote you music using Instagram?

The answer is simple.

Your Fans Love Pictures

The quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here. Fans love seeing pictures of you and what you’re up to in life and things related to you. Instagram lets you show your fans who you are through pictures.

You Put Out More Quality Content

In the world of music marketing, or any type of marketing, constant quality content is needed. Fans also love seeing new things. This doesn’t mean a new tweet or facebook status every hour. This will just annoy your fans. Also, putting out new music constantly is hard work and the in-betweens are usually dead. Instagram comes in as a good filler. I mean, how hard is it to just take a picture of something that you’re doing?

You Get More Interaction

When you learn how to promote your music, you also need to be interacting with your fans. Instagram is an easy way to interact with your fans with some way. Plus like the previous point, you are updating your fans with something rather than nothing.

So How Do You Use Instagram?

Your first goal is to get your first followers. One of the biggest factors on how to promote your music with Instagram is the amount of followers you have. If you are already present in other social networks such as facebook or twitter, tell your fans to follow you. That’s the easiest thing to do.

Another way to get followers is to invite people. When you first sign up for Instagram, it gives you an option of inviting people from other social networks. You can also follow them if they have Instagram. The chances are that they will follow back too.

Link your Instagram to other social networks. When you first learned how to promote your music, you were probably told to share your links on all other social networks. The same thing applies to Instagram. The nice thing about instagram though is that if you upload something through Instagram, it automatically gets posted on other social media networks you linked it to. This means more people will be seeing your updates without you having to manually post it separately.

What Pictures should You Upload?

Well, this article is all about how to promote your music so these are some pictures you have to take if you want to promote music.

Live Gigs

This shows your fans the potential of how fun your gigs can be. They’ll be inspired even more to go to your next gig.

Pictures With Fans

Showing that you’re social with your fans will make your fans want to come to your shows in order for a chance to meet you. On Instagram, you can tag people so if you take pictures with fans, you will get tagged in their photos. You probably can’t upload this but it is a good promotion thing for your Instagram profile.

Recording Sessions

Let your fans know that a new song is being recorded. They’ll get excited for its released and will pay attention to your music even more by anticipating your next release. Get them excited! This is a great way on how to promote your music.

Album Artworks

Just like the point above, if you have an album waiting to be released, you can tease them and give them a sneak peak of your upcoming album. Just like above, it gets them excited.

YouTube Videos

Have you released your song yet? Is it uploaded to YouTube? Take a screenshot of your YouTube video and put it up on Instagram. Let your fans know that you have a new song out that’s ready to be heard.

Insights To Personal Life

Your fans want to connect with you on a deeper level. They want to see who you really are as a person. Don’t overdo this but just do this enough to show who is really behind your music.

Some of you may have already known how to promote your music using Instagram. For those of you that don’t, try Instagram out for promoting music. It will help.

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