Why You Need Fresh Ears

Why You Need Fresh Ears
July 5, 2016 auralapse

All musicians whether that be guitarists, pianists, music producers, bassists, audio engineers etc.. will agree that having a fresh pair of ears is really important. You all are familiar with this situation; You’re creating a song, it’s been hours and you’re adjusting different parts. Everything sounds good, the parts are solid, and everything just sounds right. Your song is almost perfect and all those hours working on it have paid off.

You haven’t taken a break because you’re in the zone, but this is the problem. Your ears are in desperate need of a rest but we fail to realize that.The next day comes and you’re excited to see your progress you made the day before. Everything should sound great right? Nope. It sounds “decent” at best. You are filled with disappointment and want to give up on your project.

This is why fresh ears are important. The feeling of disappointment is in a way good because you now have fresh ears and know where to make more changes and what to fix. You have the chance to balance the sounds better and keep progressing towards the “finished” project.

These next day frustrations are common around the music making, especially for the music producers. However, it is possible to decrease the possibility of getting these frustrations or even getting rid of it. All you need to do is take breaks in between your sessions. Yes you may work on your project for hours in a day, but if you do do that, give your ears a break so you can hear more flaws to fix. Without resting your ears, you will find that everything will sound great during the mixing because you are oblivious to the flaws. So make sure to always give your ears a break to avoid further frustrations.

Basically you can create a song to sound great without having to go through the disappointment phase.

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