Music Marketing Mistakes

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If you believe that marketing your music successfully only involves posting and sharing your links then you still have a lot to learn about music marketing.

First off, before you even look into music marketing you must make sure your music is actually good. Also make sure your releases are high quality, meaning fully mixed and mastered. You aren’t going to gain any new fans by sharing peasant-tier quality content. Make something that people would be inclined to share.

Now that you have something worth sharing, you’re all set to market your music.
Here are some common music marketing mistakes that you should avoid:

Not having a music marketing plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. You need to have a plan, analyze results and adjust accordingly. Create goals and plan steps to achieve that goal. You can’t just halfass your way into the music industry; it’s extremely competitive.

The majority of musicians trying to make it don’t have a plan so even by just brainstorming a strategy to market your music, you already have a much more significant chance over them to succeed

Not targeting an audience

Find out who your audience is. Find out about the type of people that will listen to your music. You music won’t float everyone’s boat. If you try to market your music to people who isn’t in to your music, you’re just wasting your time. If you market you music to people who are into your music, there is a much higher chance they’ll share it and even provide honest helpful feedback.

Not being original

I’ll be blunt here. If you try making your music sound like somebody else’s, you are most guaranteed to not make it far. Do people really want to hear another ? No they don’t. They want original and unique sounds. I mean is already known and famous for their unique sound.

If you have a unique sound, your music marketing efforts won’t need to be as hard as it should be.

Only relying on social media

While social media is a great way to do music marketing, it shouldn’t be your only way to market your music. Not everyone on the Internet even has social media first of all, so you’re losing those potential fans. There’s many other ways to promote your music online. We actually have an article all about that here.

Spamming links to your music

Everyone hates spam. Stop doing it. Before you even begin posting links to your music, you have to give your fans something of value. It can even be as little as just having online conversations with them, giving tips/advice, other forms of entertainment, etc….
Building relationships with your fans will make them inclined to listen to your music

Not having a website

Your website will be a place where your fans can fully connect with you. Update your site with new music, life updates, tour dates, on-going projects, photos, etc… If you can’t afford a web designer, there are many other free and easy options you can choose such as wix or weebly.

Having a website is essential to your career and will help you a lot with music marketing

Bad timing

Don’t post your stuff when everyone is busy sleeping, working or at school. Find out peak times on when to post on certain social media to have as big of an audience as possible

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