Making Money As A Music Producer Isn’t Impossible

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The most common reason why producer stop doing what they do is because they don’t get paid. There’s a lack of finances. However, producing does indeed pay big money. Keep in mind however, it doesn’t happen overnight. That said, here are ways you can make money producing music.

1) Sell Beats

It’s a great way you can bring in extra money. This is pretty saturated but as long as your beats are high quality and you know how to promote yourself, it’ll all work out. It’s bes t to sell your beats using your own website but if you don’t have one, here’s a list on where you can sell them. Best Website To Sell Hip Hop Beats

2) Publishing

Making money off your music isn’t only about selling your music. Tons of producers don’t take publishing into consideration because they don’t even know about it. With websites like or, you could get your music to TV shows, radio or even films. Film makers are always in need of music and they are willing to pay big bucks for good music.

3) Music Services

As a producer, you’re focusing on creating high quality music. This means that you’re probably good at audio engineering. Mixing and mastering. Offer your audio engineering skills to other producers that need help and can’t do it themselves. We don’t need any more low quality music going around the internet

4) YouTube

If you make beats to sell, upload them to YouTube. If you made a song, upload it to YouTube. Grow your channel. The more subscribers you have, the more potential money you’ll be making. You have the option to monetize your videos and they pay you weekly. You can get paid as low as $15 to the 5 figures EACH WEEK.

5) Make Drum Samples or Presets

Other producers are always looking for drum samples or presets for their VSTs. If you have high quality drums that sit in the mix well then people will want to buy that. If you are good at sound design, make a preset pack and sell them. Most producers are too lazy to make their own sounds and rely on presets. The problem is, most factory or free presets suck. Take advantage of this.

Keep developing your skills as a musician and producer and it will all pay off. Alongside that, you also need to learn how to promote your music and market yourself because that’s what will get you far.

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