How To Sell Your Music Online

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In this era of the music industry, selling your music through physical copies has become unpopular. Everyone has transitioned to buying things online and that includes music. If you want to sell your music, you need to know how to sell your music online.

Why You Should Sell Your Music Online

  • Online distribution exposes your music to potential new audiences
  • With streaming services, fans are more inclined to buy your music if they like it rather than blind-buying
  • Physical copies will cost you money to sell. You will save a lot more money focusing online

There are 2 main ways you can sell your music online that will get you the most revenue:

  • Music distribution services
  • Selling from your own website

Music distribution services

There are many music distribution services out there. What they do is get your music onto iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music or any other major online music stores. The downside is that they keep a small percentage of revenue but it’s all worth it because of the convenience.

Popular music distribution services are tunecore, CDbaby, DistroKid, loudr and MondoTunes.
I personally recommend DistroKid since for a small yearly fee, you can upload an unlimited amount of songs. If you have a lot of songs to sell, this could save you a lot of money from selling your music online. Even with an addon fee, you can release tracks under your own record label name.

Selling Music From Your Website

This is the importance of having your own website. Not only can you connect with your fans through there or sell merchandise, you can sell your own music. But why sell your music online through your own website?

It’s simple. You keep 100% of the revenue and you can price it as high as you want.

That’s the basics on how to sell your music online. We’ll update this article to be more in depth in the near future so stay tuned to learn more on how to sell your music online

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