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YouTube is an extremely popular place to get your music out there. Over the years, tons of music promotion channels have come to life with some dedicating themselves to promoting a specific genre. They usually have a huge following so if you manage to get your song featured on there then you’ve increased your audience viewership.


Find Channels

The first step is to find these channels. If you make electronic music, there is no shortage of these channels. These channels are always looking for new content to promote but in order to get your music to them, you need to grab their attention.

Once you find a channel you’d like to be featured on, go to the channel’s about page. They contain links to their email, website and social media accounts. From there, you should send them an email, aand if that isn’t available, try to contact them with social media or through their website.

When you send your email, be sure to stand out. Get creative!

Once you’ve sent the email, just rinse and repeat for other channels. It gets easier to find other YouTUbe promotion channels from here as channels have other channels and you can even use YouTube’s related channels to find more.

YouTube Music Promotion Channels Aren’t The Only Channels

The bad thing about promoting your music with YouTube through promotion channels is that it can take a while to get a response. There are so many other artists out there submitting their music too every day.

People use YouTube to upload videos of different things and usually they put up a copyrighted song, get flagged and the video gets taken down. The key here is to find non-music related channels. They are looking for music to add to their videos without having to worry about getting copyright flagged.
Here’s a small list of the types of channel you should find:

  • Video Gameplay Channels
  • Tutorial Channels
  • Compilation Channels
  • How To Channels
  • GoPro Channels
  • Prank Channels


Do what other producer won’t do and get your music to places they won’t

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