How To Promote Your Business Online Effectively

How To Promote Your Business Online Effectively
July 27, 2016 auralapse

When it comes to starting new businesses, most founders don’t pay too much attention to marketing. They focus too much on the actual product or service without getting it out there. Too much time is spent on making customers and employees happy. While this may seem good at first, neglecting marketing efforts for the company will kill it in the long run.


While operating a business in a digital age, business owners must put focus on their online marketing campaigns and that’s what we’ll focus on today. Online marketing is an extremely effective way to grow your business and here are some tips on how to promote your business in this online world.


1) Build a Website


promote business - build website


If you haven’t got a website yet, get one set up. If you can’t afford someone to build one for you, it’s fairly cheap to do it yourself. There are many sites that make building a website easy too such as wix. Your website is where you will drive potential customers to your business. This will be where you advertise your products and services. First impressions play a huge part so make sure that your website looks absolutely professional.



2) Make Blogging a Priority


Content marketing plays a huge part in the online marketing world. It takes time to get your blog established but it is all worth it for the long run. Set aside some time for yourself or employees to create quality blog posts. Focus on answering your consumer’s top question when making posts.


Blogging shows your potential consumers that you are knowledgable of your industry and they will have a higher chance of purchasing products from your company. Not only does blogging increase your leads in the fact that customers are confident in your expertise, but blogging will increase traffic to your website.
We have a tutorial on how to start a blog.
Don’t underestimate the power of blogging to promote your business.



3) Build an Email List


promote business - email list


Email marketing is still king when it comes to online marketing. Most small business fail to build themselves an email list so they end up not reaching their full revenue potential. If you really want to learn how to promote your business online, you have to build yourself an email list. The easiest way to get leads is to offer an incentive for visitors to sign up to your list. This can include discounts, free downloads, exclusive services, etc…



4) Boost Your Conversions with Tweaks


One major problem that websites suffer from is that they aren’t able to convert their traffic to leads. If you can’t convert your traffic, your traffic is basically useless. However, it isn’t hard to convert your traffic. There are many ways to do this such as:


  • Using a good call to action
  • Directing your visitors to your call to action
  • Straight up tell your visitors to do something
  • Keep your call to action visible at all times throughout your website



5) Learn From Competitors


promote business - competitor


Look at the successful businesses within your niche. Find out what they’re doing and do an improved version of it. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Learning new ways to promote your business from competitors is a great way to come up with effective strategies.



6) Pay Attention to User Experience


If your website is hard to navigate around then guess what? You have lost a ton of potential customers. The online world is quick. If people enter your site and have no idea what is going on, they won’t stay and find out but instead will just instantly leave. Make your call to actions easy to see, make your carts visible, have an easy purchase flow, keep your pages neat, etc… Promoting your business effectively means taking a step in your customer’s shoes and experience what they experience.




7) Get On Social Media


Everyone is on social media. However, don’t use social media just to shove your products and services to your potential customers. Use social media as a way to communicate with them. Engaging with your customers is a major key to promote your business. Ask and answer questions. Ask for feedback and improve your business from that. A positive presence on social media will attract customers to your business. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your customer service



8) Use Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is fairly new and has been blowing up lately. Using influencer marketing to promote your business in this online world is a very effective way to get your business known to new audiences. Instead of directly trying to find new visitors, you are driving an influencer’s following (which is highly targeted) to your business. You are gaining exposure to a much wider audience. The great part about it is that an influencer’s following are most likely to reciprocate to them advertising your business rather than you advertising your business. You will be getting a much higher conversion rate.



9) Don’t Forget About SEO


Most companies don’t even know what SEO is and its importance. Learning how to promote your business online means learning how SEO works. SEO requires you to see trends in keywords and what your potential customers are searching for within your niche. Ranking your site on Google will get you tons of targetted traffic. If you have done your keyword research correctly, you will have traffic visiting your website with intent to BUY things from you. We’ll have a tutorial on how to properly do SEO in the near future.



10) Post Amazing Content


This ties to blogging in your website. Not only will great content keep your visitors happy, you will keep Google happy. A major factor in SEO is having great content.



11) Paid Advertising


Depending on your budget, paid advertising can work to your advantage. When people search a certain keyword on Google, your site is almost guaranteed to show up on top. However, this will cost you money and competition is high. To show up on a high competition keyword, you’re looking at spending over $15 PER CLICK.



12) Make Videos


Making videos is an underrated way to promote your business. YouTube is not only a video sharing site, it is also a search engine. In fact, it is the second largest one after Google. Ranking on YouTube for keywords is actually not as hard as ranking on Google. Not only will videos give you better rankings and more views, people in the online world love seeing visuals. When you launch a product or service, make a video about it and rank it on YouTube. Even make tutorials. You’ll gain interested customers that will check out your business.



13) Optimize For Mobile


Everyone owns smartphones and a large chunk of web traffic comes from people on their smartphones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, people will leave immediately. Having a site that works on mobile used to be a luxury but now is a necessity for promoting your business. Not only will having a mobile optimized site retain your traffic, you improve your search engine rankings because mobile optimization is a factor that Google uses to rank your site.



14) Give Discounts


Who doesn’t love getting things on a discount? It doesn’t hurt to give away a little something, even as little as a 5% discount. You’ll increase your online conversions this way and maintain a profitable margin.



15) List on Local Directories


promote business - google listing


If you are a local business, this is a must for promoting your website. Business directories such as listings from Google, Yahoo or Bing will make your business much easier to find. When people search “nearest x”, if your business has been optimized properly, it will show up first.



16) Add Reviews


Nothing persuades a customer to go through with a company more than a good review. The more good reviews you have on your site, the more confident your visitors will be in your business. This is why customer service is key. Listen to what makes your customers happy. Business promotion and customer service goes hand in hand.


It doesn’t matter how good your business is. If you don’t have a good promotion strategy, you business won’t last in the long run. If you have any questions or tips on how to promote your business online, leave them in the comment section below!


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