Music Production Tips

  • Jul152016

    Do I Need A MIDI Keyboard To Produce Music?

    When producers get started in music production, the question of whether using a MIDI keyboard is necessary or not is…

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  • Jul142016

    Acoustic Treatment: Basics & What Problems You’ll Face

    It doesn’t how matter how good your studio monitors are. No matter how good your equipment is, you won’t be…

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  • Jul132016

    How To Become A Music Producer

    Have you ever wondered how to become a music producer? If you have been producing music, you are already considered…

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  • Jul102016

    Music Production Tips From Other Producers

    There are tons of articles online that provide tips on music production, but they’re always usually the basics or “textbook”…

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  • Jul082016

    Budget Home Recording Studio

    Producing and recording your own music is getting cheaper day by day. Long gone are the days where you need…

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  • Jul052016

    Why You Need Fresh Ears

    All musicians whether that be guitarists, pianists, music producers, bassists, audio engineers etc.. will agree that having a fresh pair…

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  • Jun292016

    Music Production Mistakes That Are Painfully Common

    You’ve probably hit or are bound to hit a plateau in your music production journey. You may be facing different…

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