• Jul262016

    Making Money As A Music Producer Isn’t Impossible

    The most common reason why producer stop doing what they do is because they don’t get paid. There’s a lack…

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  • Jul222016

    Make More Money With Your Merch

    *This is a Guest Post Everyone wants more of it, and that includes musicians. Money is what I’m talking about,…

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  • Jul212016

    Music Production Basics: Compression

    When you are starting out on music production, you may have heard of compression. You can use a compressor to…

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  • Jul212016

    Boost Your Creativity – Learn How To Write A Song

    Thinking up lyrics, or making up a melody for a song is challenging. Here are some tips that can help…

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  • Jul202016

    How To Record Guitar Amps

    Let’s say you want to record a guitar track and you love the way it sounds coming from your amp.…

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  • Jul182016

    Going Solo: Tips on Leaving Your Band to Do Your Own Thing

    There can be all sorts of reasons why one would want to quit their band and start working solo. Maybe…

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  • Jul172016

    Recording Acoustic Audio

    Technology has advanced considerably over just the last few years, and it has carried a lot of other fields forward…

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  • Jul162016

    Want To Promote Yourself Better? Optimize YouTube Videos

    It would be an awesome feeling to know that when you share your videos, thousands or even millions of people…

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  • Jul112016

    How to Come Up With Catchy Melodies

    One of the biggest roadblocks music producers and musicians face is coming up with melodies and chord progressions that are…

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