Best Place To Buy Domain Names in 2016

Best Place To Buy Domain Names in 2016
July 27, 2016 auralapse


So you’ve made a decision to finally start your website. Great! The next step is buying a domain name, but you’re stuck choosing between registrars, which is why you’re here. Don’t worry, we’ll help you narrow decision. Here are the top 5 places to buy domains from in 2016. Read till the end to find out what we suggest!


1) Hostwinds


This is a user-friendly place to buy a domain. If you’re looking to transfer services, they make it easy for you. For any domain name you choose, they show all the extensions without you having to go deep into the site. Getting the domain happens almost instantly. Just a few clicks and it’s yours. They’ve got live technical support even before you purchase if you have any questions


2) GoDaddy


This used to be a place that sucks. It used to be a joke but they have improved their services significantly. Based on your keywords, they’ll recommend you domain names that will work well for you and they’ll only show you the domains that are available. They even have a promotion going on here where if you buy hosting from them for only $1.50/month, you get a free domain.


3) Sedo


This is where you can find secondhand domains that have good metrics. It’s basically a marketplace. Keep in mind, you’ll be looking into spending atleast $200 on a domain. Prices here can even reach the 6 digits. Buying second hand domains that have not yet expired can get sketchy and that’s where Sedo shines. It is a very safe place to do domain trades and sales and they even have brokerage services. If you’re planning on dropping thousands of dollars into a domain, Sedo is the way to go


4) Flippa


This is another marketplace like Sedo. However, they have much more domains for cheaper too. They can go for as cheap as a dollar. This site is mainly a marketplace to buy an abandoned domain and flipping that domain into a much better site than it already is.


5) NameCheap


name cheap- domain name
A large number or people suggest them and will even say that they’re the best place to buy domain names from. They offer domain names to businesses and individuals. They also include a HUGE range of new TLD’s and they’re usually only 88 cents. If you don’t go for a .com or a .net or a .ca, then using a new TLD will save you tons of money. However even if you do plan on buying the well known TLDs such as .com, they’re fairly cheap. A brand new domain will only cost you $10/year. Their control panel for managing your owned domains is very user-friendly too.


That being said, we highly recommend NameCheap. It’s what we use too. They include free whoIS protection with a domain purchase which is a big plus for most people. Other registrars will add on atleast an extra $15 to your yearly bill if you plan to add whoIS. Not only that, they have amazing live customer support and also provide domain + hosting deals. If account security is good for you, they offer two-factor authentication.


We’ve bought tons of domains from NameCheap and have had ZERO problems so far over the years. In our honest opinion, NameCheap is the best place to buy domain names from.

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