How To Become A Music Producer

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Have you ever wondered how to become a music producer? If you have been producing music, you are already considered a music producer. If not, then there are some steps you have to take and some skills you have to learn in order to become a music producer. Below are some of the foundations on how to become a music producer.

Learn how to play an instrument.

You don’t have to be extremely pro at that instrument. However, learning how to play in instrument is crucial as it helps develop your music skills. It trains your ear in music and also even that basics of music theory. If you really want to know how to become a music producer, it is important to have some skills and knowledge with music theory. With those skills, you will understand the music better and you will be equipped to make music even better. If you know how to play an instrument well, it is a lot easier to play around with it and come up with new melodies.

That being said, here are 3 of the most recommended instruments you should learn how to play.

  • Piano:  You should definitely learn how to play the piano. It is extremely versatile and chances are if you are making a hip-hop beat or electronic music, you would be using a synthezier or a MIDI keyboard and these things have the structure of a piano. It is also easy to dish out melodies on a piano and even on a DAW, the notes are laid out on a PIANO roll.
  • Guitar:  Learning how to play the guitar is also a really good thing to doo. It is prett versatile in terms of genres and you can push out chords pretty easily.
  • Bass:  This is an extremely underrated instrument but is one of the most essentials as learning it helps you with rhythm and the basic structure of the song. If you are going for funky types of music, learning bass is a must as the basslines give it the grooves.

Technology. Learn it.

Most producers todays use softwares to produce and engineer their music. Learning the technology for it is crucial to become a successful music producer. This means learning how to master your DAW, how to use different plugins, how to compress, how to limit, how to EQ, and many more software related stuff.


When I say mixing, I’m not referring on DJing and mixing songs together. I mean that you have to learn how to blend and put the sounds together and make it sound good. This means balance the levels, EQ each track, panning, etc..
Here are some basics on mixing.
Stereo vs Mono: Stereo mixes have the different tracks playing on different sides like you can have the lead on the left side and the hi hats on the right, etc.. Mono mixes have all the sounds equal in level all around.
Centering: Keep the basses and vocals on the center of the mix. The other instruments you can put a bit to the side and just experiment around with it to find the best sound.

Remix a song

Nothing trains you better than remixing a song. It helps you get used to what producing music is like. It also takes the stress of coming up with something new so that you may focus on the basics of music production.

Save up money

In order to actually learn how to become a music producer, you need the tools of a music producer. Save up for any equipment you may need. There is a guide here on how to build a budget recording studio that you should check out. Without the tools, you can’t actually make some music.

Make music

This is pretty straight forward. Just go ahead and make something. It doesn’t have to sound great. You just stated out. Producers don’t become great at making music within weeks or a few months. It takes at least a year for a producer to be able to pump out flawless tracks. Even current producers are still practicing their skills on how to become a music producer better.

Embrace the internet

Now that you have started to make music, you are now a music producer. Join some forums and share your stuff and ask for opinions and what you can change. Don’t expect to become famous overnight because the chances of that are very slim. Keep improving your skills and learning new tips and tricks from the internet. There are even some on this site so go check them out.

Well that’s the basics on how to become a music producer. Keep practicing and don’t give up and you will one day find success as a music producer.

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